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Kindly don’t think everything that you read on the web. I have lived in Delhi for a long time and a few alleged “realities” about the city simply make me giggle. This is the principal post for Delhi Travel Tips in Backpacker’s Guide to Delhi. Here’s a rundown of 21 things that you have to remember while visiting Delhi:

01 | When to visit Delhi – Delhi Travel Tips

Visit Delhi in the long periods of February, March, October or November. Delhi has unendurable summers and foggy winters so please maintain a strategic distance from those seasons. In spite of the fact that Delhi downpours are flighty, however it for the most part rains around the long stretches of July and August. Delhi looks excellent when it rains yet the city’s moderate traffic grinds to a halt. It is just in the long periods of February, March, October or November is the point at which you won’t be awkwardly hot or cold when you go out to see the city’s legacy destinations, as Qutub Minar.

02 | Language in Delhi

You won’t confront any language hindrance in the greater part of the pieces of Delhi. Hindi is the most normally speaking language in Delhi. The greater part of local people talks great English. Regardless of whether you meet somebody who doesn’t communicate in English, they will clearly comprehend essential words like no, indeed, if you don’t mind pardon me, sorry, bye and bless your heart. Learning a couple of Hindi words and expressions will be an additional favorable position. 
In Delhi Travel Tips, Here are probably the most normally utilized words:
Bhaiyya – it implies elder sibling and it is normally utilized in Delhi to address more established men in an agreeable manner. One can likewise utilize the Hindi word Bhai as “Brother”.
Didi – it implies sister, normally more seasoned. Usually utilized in Delhi while tending to a more seasoned lady.
Kitne ka hai? – This signifies “what amount is it for” and learning this will help you in the event that you choose something from a neighborhood shop.
Application kaise hain? – It is one of the politest approaches to ask “how are you?”.
Principle theek hoon? – It is a sexually unbiased approach to state “I”m progressing nicely”.
Dhanyaavaad or Shukriya – Both of them signify “much obliged”. You don’t generally need to recall this on the grounds that “thank you” or “much obliged” is utilized all the more usually in Delhi when contrasted with the Hindi words.
Thanda – this implies cold. This word will most likely be helpful when you need to purchase cold water or beverages.
Garam – it implies hot.


03 | Crowd of Delhi

Become accustomed to the groups since Delhi is a standout amongst the most populated urban areas in India. The general population of Delhi is calling Delhi-ites. It is a mixture of a wide range of societies because of an overwhelming inflow of vagrants from everywhere throughout the nation. You can encounter a wide range of societies from all over India in this city.

04 | Nightlife in Delhi 
Delhi has a culture of an “early nightlife” in light of the fact that most bars don’t have the license to stay open post 12:30 am. In case you’re anticipating purchasing your own liquor to savor your room, ask your Hotel or Hostel staff to manage you to the closest “Wine and Beer shop”. These shops shut at 10:00 pm.
In the event that you need to encounter Delhi nightlife, you can visit the bars around Hauz Khas Village, Khan Market, Connaught Place, DLF Cyber Hub, and GK 1 M Block.
05 | Festivals in Delhi
Holi (February or March) and Diwali (October or November) are the most well known Indian celebrations and you will doubtlessly appreciate praising them in Delhi.
Diwali is a celebration of lights, firecrackers, and Puja and it’s one of the greatest celebrations of India. The merriments, in reality, keep going for a month and it is most likely amusing to be in Delhi around this time. I have such a great amount to state about Diwali that I figure I should compose a different blog entry about it. In any case, to put it plainly, you can anticipate great sustenance, desserts, Diwali Mela (Fair), Dusshera, Diwali parties with card diversions, firecrackers, perfectly designed houses and that’s just the beginning. Delhi Travel Tips.

06 | Food in Delhi

Delhi has the BEST sustenance. Enough said. You can discover probably the best Mughalai curries, chaat (vegan road sustenance), universal eateries and cooking styles from all over India.
Make some neighborhood companions and get them to take you to their most loved spots. Veggie lovers and vegetarians will LOVE Delhi sustenance. I unequivocally suggests these eatery networks that are all over Delhi – Kebab Gali for Indian curries, Haldiram’s for run of the mill Delhi veggie lover sustenance, Karim’s for Old Delhi style curries, Sagar Ratna for Dosas, Asian Haus for home conveyance of Asian nourishment, Sushi Haus for home conveyance of sushi, Dee’s Biriyani for Biryanis and Chawla chick hotel for Indian curries.
07 | Drinking Water in Delhi
Just beverage filtered water, except if you’re welcome to a nearby inhabitant’s home where they have their very own RO (turn around assimilation) channel framework. This likewise applies to ice since faucet water ice 3D shapes can make you wiped out.
08 | Delhi Belly
Have you known about Delhi Belly? In case you’re not from India, in all probability, you WILL build up an instance of “Delhi Belly” in the main seven day stretch of your visit to Delhi so please convey your the runs medication. It, for the most part, goes on for only multi-day yet can keep going for 2 or 3 altogether. Try not to eat melons or papaya in the event that you build up a “Delhi Belly” yet curd rice or bananas will help. Delhi Travel Tips

09 | Toilets in Delhi

Indeed, you have to convey bathroom tissue in Delhi. Albeit the greater part of the inns have them yet some don’t. Urban India’s strategy for sanitation is a “water weapon” sort of a fly sprinkler that cleans bums effectively – superior to anything utilizing just bathroom tissue. This is known as a can stream.
10 | Cultural Shock
Plan to be stunned. A few parts of Delhi, for example, neediness, poor people, will genuinely stun you. Despite everything, it stuns me and makes me miserable at whatever point I return to Delhi, despite the fact that I have lived there for a long time.
You will likewise observe a ton of local people tossing refuse actually all over the place, so hope to see some filthy walkways and lanes. I wish there was an approach to tidy up Delhi since it needs some genuine work. Try not to give these things a chance to demolish your Delhi experience, so keep your mind open to acknowledging the distinctions.
11 | Public Display of Affection
Open Display of Affection isn’t the best thought in numerous pieces of Delhi. Anyway according to my own understanding, clasping hands is thoroughly cool. It likewise relies on where in Delhi are you on the grounds that numerous regions of South Delhi are somewhat more liberal than the remainder of Delhi, so be aware of where you are.
12 | Negotiating and Prices
Deal all over the place. The least complex route is to slice the cited cost down the middle and after that arrange your way to a central figure. Dealing works even in huge creator showrooms – I did this while purchasing my wedding clothing.

13 | Scams in Delhi

Be cautious about touts – they’re all over the place! On the off chance that you land in Delhi’s global airplane terminal, it would be ideal if you legitimately head to the prepaid taxi corner. On the off chance that you touch base via train, it would be ideal if you be set up of numerous touts that will bother you to go to the inn or in that they suggest. A significant number of them will attempt to send you to a shabby inn in Paharganj – don’t!
Delhi has a ton of reasonable inns in better regions that are effectively associated by means of Delhi metro. I get the opportunity to observe this on numerous events when I travel with San. He’s from Germany and it’s comical how the touts dependably encompass him!

14 | Useful Apps for Traveling in Delhi 

There is an application called Zomato (and site) that is the SINGLE most helpful asset to eating out and to think about the nightlife in Delhi. You can discover data about pretty much every eatery, read their menus, check audits, get a thought regarding the costs and area facilitates. This is an extremely helpful application since you can get a feeling of where to eat and what to arrange for your financial plan.

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Delhi travel Tips: Zomato App for Eating out in Delhi by Drifter Planet
Delhi individuals truly love their nourishment and appreciate sharing audits on Zomato and web-based life alongside sustenance photographs. In the event that you ever search for Delhi’s famous hashtags on Instagram – #DelhiGram, #SoDelhi, #DelhiDiaries – you will observe nourishment.
Another valuable application to get by in Delhi is Ola Cabs and on occasion, it is less expensive than even tuk tuks. I frequently used to go by tuk-tuks however I presently routinely use Ola Cabs at whatever point I return to Delhi. This is on the grounds that it very well may be distressing to here and there discover a truck and consult to a tolerable cost.
15 | Delhi Metro is the Best Way to Get Around
The most ideal approach to get around is Delhi Metro which interfaces most pieces of Delhi actually well. It has a different devoted mentor for female travelers, which is normally the principal mentor. Snap here for more data. Delhi has an enormous armada of tuk-tuks. They all the more generally are auto rickshaws or only cars for short. Remember to arrange in the event that you choose to ride one. For going around evening time, I suggest you profit an application based taxi administration by Ola Cabs. 

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