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Money on mobile is a wallet like Paytm or PhonePe. Govt. launched it finally. There are so many facilities for the peoples of India. As a shopkeeper, you have to take this service. There is no charge at all for money transfer like PayTm and other wallets. If you don’t have any account in the bank, this service still for you.
Govt. targetting those peoples, who had not to know ever digital Indias facilities. In documents, Pancard, Aadhaar card, and photographs are required for taking this service. Consumer and Retailer both can use this service for benefits.

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Registration of Money on Mobile Wallet

how to take the ID of money on mobile? how to register in money on mobile? If you want to learn how to do it, be with us.

Money on Mobile -Best Wallet Money transfer by Govt. |
Source: www.moneyonmobile.store

first of all, I want to tell you that if you want to work with money on mobile, that’s good. if you take it and do not work, its harm your saving amount. Your Amount will decrease slowly for the penalty of money on mobile wallet site. Money on mobile’s ID is free of cost. IRCT and ATM machine will be chargeable. Now we are showing you, how it works.




There is mobile recharge, Bill payment, water bill payment, Bus booking, RBL money transfer, Yes Bank money transfer, Railway Ticket, Flight Ticket, Money on mobile shopping, Insurance, BBPS, APS, Etc. services will be provided by money on mobile.

There is a very low cost for money transfer. On 10,000 rs. Money on mobile charged you with 8rs. only. There is a logic for this.
According to RBI, All Wallets will be Done KYC. Same is here on money on mobile. There is also a good thing for money on mobile service users. If there is a customer for transferring his money by you. You have to Done his KYC first. Then If you will transfer his money rs. 10,000, you will get cash back of 25 rs. instantly. So finally you are done 10,000rs. transfer paying just 8rs. only.
there is also a 6rs. commission for you on 10,000 rs. Finally, we will say that you will transfer money free of cost.


Adding Amount in Money on Mobile Wallet

In the wallet of money on mobile, You can recharge with your debit, credit card or net banking also.  First of all, you have to log in with your ID. In the left side navigation bar, you will found the payment option. Then go to the mobile bank detail. There so many Banks name will show you. choose one of yours and fill the details. You will have to add minimum 5000rs.

Source: www.moneyonmobile.store

First of all, it is important to understand the meaning of money on mobile. Money on mobile means that any kind of transaction from your mobile phone is done. The importance of money on mobile is Growing daily. Almost all people in India are promoting Digital India. There is a huge roll of money on mobile inside Digital India campaign. Here You can use it and earn more money to chill life.
We have added almost everything with mobile. Even people are able to buy vegetables with money on mobile. Use of Money on mobile is increasing day by day. With the help of money on mobile, we can pay the price of any kind. We are also saving our time using the money on cell.
In the purchase of goods used on a daily basis, we have huge problems with the change of money. Do you know how to use Money on Mobile? If you pay by any kind of wallet or app, you get rid of the problem of the change of money.




Mobile Wallets in India

There are thousands of Wallet Service Providers in India. These are mainly, Paytm, PhonePe, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Airtel Money, FreeCharge, etc.

Money on Mobile -Best Wallet Money transfer by Govt. |

Paytm is India’s largest payment gateway company, which provides comprehensive payment services for customers and businessmen. This company provides mobile payment service to over 7 million merchants. They allow consumers to make mobile payments through cards, bank accounts, and digital credits. SoftBank, SAIF Partners, Alibaba Group and Ant Financial are investors of PayTm.


Money on Mobile -Best Wallet Money transfer by Govt. |

  1. Paytm is the head of QR based mobile payments in India. With the introduction of Paytm Payments Bank, their aim is to provide banking and financial services to half a billion unpublished and under-served Indians.
    PayTM giving us up to Rs.1000 INR for Referring per person.
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PhonePe also gives almost all facilities like PayTm. According to my opinion, at present, the PhonePe service provider is better than PayTm. It charges us 2% for money transfer. If you use PhonePe, you do not have to pay any kind of charge on money transfer.


PhonePe giving us up to Rs.1000 INR for Referring per person.
If you use paytmWallet, you have to put a promo code separately to get a cashback. You do not need to enter any type of code in PhonePe App. Under PhonePe, the amount of automatic cashback starts showing when we put the amount.




Amazon Pay Wallet
Amazon is the largest platform for online sailing. It has also a wallet for the same website. It has recently launched Amazon pay wallet. This wallet is not yet prevalent. And the advertising is also going well for this in India.


Money on Mobile -Best Wallet Money transfer by Govt. |


We can also use it like PayTm and PhonePe in the same way. It’s future bright is visible to us right now. Its trust is growing in India.


Banking Services

Banks are also facilitated by us as Money on Mobile. Almost all banks offer us ATM cards, mobile banking, and net banking facility. It uses direct money on mobile promotions.

Mobile Banking
Under Mobile Banking, we are given an MPIN on behalf of the bank. With this, we also get a 4 digit pin code. After that, we have to download the mobile banking unit of the name of our bank from the PALA store. To register in that app, we have to put the MPIN and 4 digit pin code given by the bank. All this process will give us your registered mobile no. It is mandatory to do the same. You have to login by downloading the app on your phone via the mobile number you have registered in the bank.
Login gives you access to Bill Payment, Money Transfer, Scan & Pay, Bus Travel Flight ticket, etc. Which connects us directly to Money on mobile.
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Internet Banking
Net banking is also the main source of money on mobile. Even under net banking, we can avail of benefits like bill payment and money transfer. For Net Banking, we also get a User Id code and password from the bank.
To use it, we have to use a computer or Google Chrome. Go to your bank’s website or you have to log in to Net Banking Services. Using the given bank ID and password, we can log in to Net Banking. We can use this to make any kind of online payment.

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