[ Life Insurance ] Benefits, Types And Best Plans 2019

Definition of Life insurance – When an insurance company issues you your valuable things
Insurance is properly done, so any kind of loss Guaranteed to compensate you in sickness, accident or death.

[Life Insurance] Types and Benefits | Life Insurance Terms And Plans 2019 |


Benefits of Life Insurance 

Life insurance provides us with the following benefits.
– Life Cover Life Stage Special Plan Long Term Savings.
– Care for your parents and long-term money creation.
– The security of the future of your family,
– Take care of long-term savings and liabilities Family safety,
– A plan to increase and increase the medical cost of children’s education and your retirement and plan for retirement.
Regular Income, Health and Medical Costs, Security for Your Family.
You get tax benefits on your premium payment under Section 80CCC, 80C and Section 80D
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 Rules for taking life insurance


  1. A Man will be Physically fit.
  2.  Life insurance companies should be as per an insured medical history plan.
  3.  Age of entry of the policyholder should be according to the insurance plan.
  4.  The policy holder’s documents should be correct, such as credit card, age certificate, health check reports, voter card, passport and ration card, etc.
  5.  For tax rebate, the documents of Section 80CCC, 80C and Section 80D are deposited to the insurance company

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[Life Insurance] Types and Benefits | Life Insurance Terms And Plans 2019 |


Types Of Life Insurance

Life insurance is mainly of two types, one is traditional life insurance and second term life insurance. For traditional life insurance, you have a lifetime, the term life insurance policy is for a fixed time. So let us know about the basic life insurance policies.

Term insurance
A term plan is the most basic form of life insurance. These insurance covers provide cover without any savings and profits. These are the most economical forms of life insurance because the premiums are much cheaper than other life insurance plans. The online term insurance plan provides a pure risk cover that reflects the lower premiums.

Term Insurance is a very simple and affordable insurance plan that provides you with protection for a fixed term or tenure. These periods can range from 15 to 50.

Endowment plan
Endowment plan is quite different from term insurance in case of revision. If a person takes an Endowment policy, then he can get two types of benefits, first insurance, and second investment. The balance of premium paid by you to this policy is given in two fixed installments and one part is already insured in the assured amount. So the remaining portion is invested in the market in the asset such as Equity and Debt Fund.

Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP)
Under this insurance policy, the amount of premium is divided into two parts. One part of which is put to secure life, i.e. a portion is insured, so that our life can be covered.


Full life insurance policy
It appears by the name of this policy that whole life is insured in it. In this insurance also you get two benefits. A first insurer and second investment. The cover is given by the company until the policyholder dies under this insurance plan.

Money back policy
Money Back Policy is a type of endowment plan. For this, a portion of the sum insured is paid at regular intervals. There is also a bonus from time to time. The policyholder is given to the nominee at the same time, when the policy is matured or the death of the policyholder.
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5 Best Term Insurance Plans of 2019

Term insurance may be a product offered by insurance firms that assures money security to your family in undesirable circumstances.
On the death of the client, the members of the family get the bonus alongside the quantity of insurance.
This profit is given either in payment or within the steps as per the chosen arrange.
Here are some of the insurance plans that are at the top of the list of the 2018 insurance plans. 

[Life Insurance] Types and Benefits | Life Insurance Terms And Plans 2019 |



HDFC Click2 Protect Plus 

This plan provides comprehensive protection along with the guaranteed amount to your family. There are four options available in Term Insurance cover in HDFC’s Click 2 Protect Plan.

Apart from this, according to the chosen plan, it also provides monthly income which also helps your family dependents from time to time.
To learn about the characteristics of HDFC Life Click 2 Protection, see here. 


Cover Option Life Options under Click 2 Protect Plus: 


  • There is a one-time payment option.
  • Extra Life choices (Accidental Death Benefit)


  • Income option: Payment of one-time payment of 10% of the sum insured and the monthly amount of 15% of the remaining amount.


The rules and conditions for obtaining insurance plans

  1. Minimum starting age 18 years 
  2. maximum start age 65 years 
  3. Minimum insured amount Rs.25 lakh 
  4. maximum insured amount No Limit (subject to underwriting) 
  5. Premium Payment Methods Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly or Monthly 6-Premium Payment Term Regular.


[Life Insurance] Types and Benefits | Life Insurance Terms And Plans 2019 |
Single Agone Life Term Insurance Plan
 Limited or Single Agone Life Term Insurance Plan Agoon Life Term Insurance is an online protection plan, which is the insured’s family Provides guaranteed security.

This is a price effective arrange that has coverage up to the age of eighty years.
Policyholders can expand its coverage on the basis of increasing needs at various stages of life.



Features of AEGON Life insurance


  • Features of AEGON Life insurance arrange 
  • Minimum begin Age eighteen years 
  • most begin Age seventy-five years 
  • Minimum Term period five years 
  • most Term amount forty years or seventy-five
  • years, 
  • Premium payment method based on the chosen premium Lump Sum Payment or Annual 
  • Minimum Sum Assured 10, 00,000 
  • no limit on the maximum insured amount, 
  • if the diagnosis of the post-traumatic disease is detected, then advance payment of 25% premium Knowledge can also be used. 
[Life Insurance] Types and Benefits | Life Insurance Terms And Plans 2019 |


Birla Sun Life Future Guard Plan 

This plan provides financial freedom to your relatives when they are immersed in the ocean of misery due to unforeseen circumstances.
According to the term of premium, this policy offers two types of coverage called Plan A and Plan B.


Features of Birla Sun Life Future Guard Plan 


  • Minimum Start Age 18 years 
  • Maximum Start Age 65 years 
  • Policy Period As per the age of the person, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 years of a policy type,


 Type of Birla Sun Life Future Guard Plans 


  • Plan A, where 100% return is paid on the paid premium 
  • Plan B in which premium returns from 110% to 150% 
  • Premium Payment Term Regular 
  • Yearly In the form of payment, annual, semi-annual, quarterly and monthly 
  • minimum insured amount Rs 5,00,000 
  • a maximum insured amount no limit 

[Life Insurance] Types and Benefits | Life Insurance Terms And Plans 2019 |


LIC‘s life-saving plan 

This is a partnership term insurance plan, which together with the insurer’s family Also provides security. Loyalty will be added after every 5 years in this policy.
There is conjointly associate Accidental benefit Rider possibility.


Features of Lifeguard 


  • Minimum Basic Assured amount Rs 75,000 
  • Maximum insured amount Rs 2,00,000 
  • Minimum policy term 10 years
  •  Maximum policy term 20 years 
  • The minimum age for starting 8 years 
  • The maximum age for starting 55 years 
  • Maximum age at maturity 70 years 
  • Premium payment method Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly and Monthly (only through ECS) 
  • The revival of the policy: If in the given period, Miami is not paid then ends the policy.
  • However, the policy led to this way will be restarted inside a pair of years.
[Life Insurance] Types and Benefits | Life Insurance Terms And Plans 2019 |


Reliance Nippon online Term

 This is often an internet term arrange designed to fulfill the stress of quick growing generations today as a result of matters is such today, any unfortunate

incident can break the family’s base. This protects your family from the loss of income and liabilities in your absence. 

Features of Reliance Nippon Life Online Term 


  1. The minimum age for starting 18 years 
  2. Maximum age for start 55 years 
  3. Policy year 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 years 
  4. Premium payment term Policy period Same 
  5. Minimum insured amount Rs 25,00,000 
  6. a maximum insured amount no limit 
  7. minimum premium amount 3,500 rupees 
  8. a maximum premium amount no limit 
  9. premium payment method yearly
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