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Swine Flu

  Throughout the world, there is a havoc swine flu, this disease is spreading its legs fast.

At the same time, even a few years ago, we knocked India. It spreads rapidly between one person and another.

 It came from a virus called H1N1. The Ministry of Health has made a lot of arrangements to deal with swine flu. It is only now that the symptoms of the patient should be started as early as possible.

 According to this, you also need to know what is the swine flu and how dangerous it can be and life can be fatal for life. Generally, the attacks of animals and pets do not reach the human race.

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 What Is Swine Flu

 Fear of swine flu is increasing day by day, it can be quite fatal for our life. The swine flu virus, which spreads at a higher speed than people living with H1 N1 virus.

 And to prevent this, the common people are being told some of these points, which is fair.

 You to be cautious, everyone needs to be alert.

[Swine Flu] Se Bachne Ke Upaye | Sign of Flu | Blogsmotion |


 Symptoms of Swine Flu

 As the swine flu is a deadly disease. It is very important to know what the symptoms can be. If we know its symptoms, then we can treat it and treat it easily and completely.

 After all, when should we go to the hospital and should have done some of the following symptoms?

  The arrival of respiration from the swine flu. I have difficulty getting water from the nose and swelling of the joints and also many problems like hunger, fever more than 100 degrees, pain in the head, fever, sore throat, shortness of breath, cough, Problems like vomiting and diarrhea, and pain in the body, when you start seeing, you need to be careful and alert.
 Check it out immediately.

Measures to Avoid Swine Flu

As swine flu is one of the deadly diseases, it is very important for us to know the remedy.

  Here we will tell you some basic treatment.

Let us tell you, with some such remedies today, you can avoid swine flu. As it is said, treatment is better than you are already going to tell rescue and treatment as rescue, in which you need to take care of certain things to stay alert.


  •  Always wash hands with soap and water.
  •  The person affected by swine flu should always keep a distance.
  •  Do not spend time in the middle of the middle and the crowded place, always after washing the hands and mouth after returning from these places.
  •  Keep the cleanliness of the places in the house that everybody uses. as: Door Handle, Kitchen Gas Computer Keyboard, Switch, etc.
  •  After cleaning the nose and the nose, do not touch the nose and mouth, because these parts of the body are in the grip of Blue in a very short time.
  •  Always cover the mouth and nose with special clothes.
  •  Always keep the bathroom or the table kitchen and house corners clean. Because there is a danger of bacterial growth in these places, for cleaning, we can use pesticides with water.
  •  Always take adequate water for sleeping and nutritious diet
  •  Do not spit at the open space.
  •  Check back soon after returning from affected countries with swine flu.
  •  Keep distance from joining strangers and getting away from hugging.
  •  The napkin or tissue paper, which we use to clean, is very important to be clean.
  •  Those countries survived from traveling to where the symptoms of swine flu were found.




Treatment of Swine Flu.

 The effect of swine flu is very high on people with weak bodies. If you see swine flu, then this is not such a major disease. We can easily escape from him, we can do his treatment like this.
In what we do for Normal nausea cough colds and fever, we will tell you a few treatments in the house.
 And the doctor can take advice as well.

[Swine Flue] Se Bachne Ke Upaye | Sign of Flu | Blogsmotion |


 Tulsi plant is found in almost all houses in most homes in India.

 It is a very beneficial herb for both antibacterial and elemental elements under Tulsi.

 This almost all diseases can increase the anti-inflammatory ability.

 That is why we can not say that the swine flu will be completely cured. But it helps to fight with the H1 N1 virus now and can be very helpful in getting rid of the H1N1 virus.

We can wash basil leaves and use its leaves daily to make basil.

[Swine Flue] Se Bachne Ke Upaye | Sign of Flu | Blogsmotion |


 Kapoor can also be quite beneficial to protect against swine flu.

  Kapoor’s bullet can be used with water, we can use it. If children have to give them, then mix their powder in bananas.

On the contrary, under the consumption of camphor, we must keep in mind that consuming Kapoor every day can be harmful.

So either take doctor’s advice. Take it twice a month.

[Swine Flu] Se Bachne Ke Upaye | Sign of Flu | Blogsmotion |


Giloy is a medicine that is very rare in our country.

 It is cooked and its decoction is made. For him, a branch of Giloy should be made about 10 to 12 inches, one branch, and 5 or 6 leaves of it should be cooked for 10:15 minutes. On cooking, add some black pepper, rock salt, black salt, and sugar candy.

 Its use strengthens the body to fight the disease like swine flu, and Guilty works in almost all types of fever.

 If you do not get around then you can take it from any Ayurveda.

[Swine Flu] Se Bachne Ke Upaye | Sign of Flu | Blogsmotion |


 The antiviral properties given under garlic are. It also helps us to fight swine flu and increase resistance to diseases.

 For its use, we can take two buds of garlic every morning with a little warm water or lukewarm water. It increases the immune system to a great extent.

Aloe vera

 Aloe vera 1 is considered to be such a popular herb that gives you the ability to fight the horrific flu-fighting ability.

 It is used in a lot of medicines and a lot of beauty. Aloe vera is also helpful in increasing the immunity of individuals. You can use Aloe vera gel with a spoon of water. Which will not only increase your beauty but also reduce the effect of swine flu?

[Swine Flu] Se Bachne Ke Upaye | Sign of Flu | Blogsmotion |

vitamin C

Generally, the best way to avoid winter is to use vitamin C which has proven to be very useful for swine flu.

 That’s why we need to include Narce in our food.

 Vitamin C We get almost all kinds of citrus fruit fruits, such as lemon amla grape orange or so much quantity.

[Swine Flu] Se Bachne Ke Upaye | Sign of Flu | Blogsmotion |


 Turmeric is being used for beauty for nearly several years and turmeric is also used in removing cough.
 Turmeric contains essential oils and curcumin for coloring turmeric. There are many medicines properties in the curcumin.

 Apart from this, one of the best qualities of turmeric is also that even after heating it at high temperatures, it has all the medicinal qualities from inside it can not be destroyed.

 According to the experts, we drink turmeric in the lukewarm milk and there is an increase in the resistance of the body. In this way, mixing turmeric inside a glass of lukewarm milk daily, the effect of the swine flu is gradually over.

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