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Painful urination is a common problem. The bladder is made by  Urine pathurethra, urinary tract, and kidney.

If ulcers or swelling in any of these organs can cause pain during urination, men are more likely to develop urinary tract infections compared to women. The reason is that their urine is less than 4 cm long Be it.

Whereas men’s urine path is 7 cm. More than that happens. So the probability of bacterial infection decreases. To keep yourself safe from sexually transmitted infections, use condoms during sexual activity. These problems can later become a serious one.

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There are also reasons for Painful Urination.


  •  Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Spicy food
  • Crackle and juice
  • Sweetheart

If you are suffering from pain during urination, then many acidic foods should be avoided to help the bladder recover.
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Other investigations

Need detailed investigation, such as ultrasound, X-ray, cystoscopy, in the following special situations. it occurs. All men who have urinary tract infections.

Childhood girls or women over 60 years old. Sexually active women, who have been infected with the frequent urinary tract.



Some treatments for pain 

Antibiotics, bacterial, and treatment can treat sexually transmitted infections.
Your healthcare provider also provides medicines.

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