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Picky Domain
Picky Domain is a naming service, which pays for every single domain we choose or slogan. Here we find a domain with a proper name as a customer, according to the value of your domain, it is charged to you. Here we are going to tell you how to earn money online with the help of Picky Domains.

Earn Money with Picky Domain

Create Account
Visit the official site of Picky Domains and sign up on the registration page.
You have to fill all the details of the need and you have to make a new account there.
 The thing to keep in mind is that we need PayPal to register.
Because if you want money with the help of Picky domain, then we will need to pay a deal with PayPal.
Once you create your account on the Picky Domain website, you will get a confirmation email.
Open your own and verify your Picnik domain account.
Now you will get your location, rank, commission balance, as soon as you log in to the Picky domain website.
Navigating this website is quite simple. Therefore, this site is operated by those people who do not have much knowledge of the internet.

Here you will also find all kinds of menu items such as order bookings, available orders, full orders, etc.

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Way To Earn

Name Order:

From here you can take the name of a company or brand, according to which you will have to pay that name.


Slogan order

By typing your slogan you can take it, you have to pay for what you have selected.

Domain Name Order:
Here you can get a domain name of any type, You have to pay the name of the name that you have taken for it.

Here you can name the name of your domain, you will be shown a lot of decorations to find the domain name. You can also choose your domain name from the shown consignment.

Here you will get a request for a domain name, which you can choose. And you can also input your suggestions. You can create as many domain names as you want in a single day.
You are paid by the client for each selected domain. (Note: the submitted domain name should be available to register)

Follow these steps

As you can see above, you can earn money by slogan suggestion with naming domain, brand names.


  • After that click on the available orders, and select the option for which you want to go.
  •  You will get a list of available orders.
  • Regardless of how you organize your recommended bedtime, here you can not spam.
  • Also, you will find a comment section, under which you can add your comment too.
  • You will now be clicking on submit suggestions.

In this way, the reservation will be sent to the client.
The customer will choose the right domain for their business. If the customer likes your suggestion, then she can choose or like it. You will earn as a contributor for each selected domain and liked suggestions.
The process of suggesting naming brands and slogans is similar, but they may have different pay.

Here, the only payment instrument is the drinking time, which can be easily paid.
 As soon as you have $ 20 in the drinks pay account, you can redeem the amount.

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We should always read the Instructions of Clients carefully.
Whenever you need to be august a domain name, then you should first research that domain name in its entirety.
Always try for a creative or fur unique type of domain name.
Keep in mind that whatever you are recommending is not spam.

If you follow the above-mentioned bets then this startup will work 100%.

If you have to earn money from the Picky Domain, then you should follow these instructions.

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